Saturday, October 23, 2010


We started in the spring, when the leaves had just started to peep out and the mornings were the typical Boston spring mornings....cold! We endured the summer heat and humidity and persevered. We were blessed with great weather on our last few long distance runs. And now for the last few weekends, its like we have been transported back into the same old cold temperatures. But we are not the same anymore. We have all come a long way since April. We have crossed milestones, become stronger physically and mentally. And now just one week remains for the culmination of this long effort!

I am scared, jittery and very very anxious. The 'what if' scenarios keep playing in my mind. I keep trying to tell myself to just go there and have a good time. Enjoy every moment and be proud of whatever you achieve. But the anxiety always creeps up! The fear takes over and all rational thoughts vanish..............