Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have miles to go before I sleep and you have promises to keep!

As I cross off each milestone, I stare in disbelief at my mileage. In April, I could not even finish 1 mile without a huge struggle and yesterday, almost 5 months since that rainy day in April, I ran 19 miles!

Again luck was on our side and it was a beautiful day to run yesterday. A cool, crisp morning with clear blue skies! The route was going to take us from Arlington center, onto the Minuteman bikeway to Alewife, then one loop of Fresh pond, onto Fresh pond parkway to the river, cross the river at Arsenal street, run on the other side of the river and cross back on JFK bridge, back to Fresh pond, Alewife, Arlington Center and then one loop of the Mystic lake and back to Arlington Center. After sorting out all the confusion over the route and the water stops, we still lingered at the start point. The coach had to literally push us into starting! Ketki was going to run with me till around mile 12-13. I was so thankful for having her run by my side. Also Amol was biking along. He was going to serve as mobile water support for us! I felt like I had my own running entourage!

With the help of Ketki and the unwavering support of Amol, I managed to finish the entire 19 miles. After mile 13, Ketki picked up her pace and went ahead. I tried my best to pick up a little pace, but did not succeed much. The last two miles were a combination of walking and running and they felt endless! But I finished the assigned distance of 19 miles. When I got back to Arlington center at the end, the whole team was waiting for me and greeted me with cheers. They are such a special group!

After the 19 miles I felt like I had no energy left. I cannot believe that I still have to run another 7.2 miles on the day of the marathon. So I still have miles to go before I sleep!

But all of you also have promises to keep! All those who are still considering about donating to the cause, please do so! Team AIDAsha is relying on your support to ensure a successful fund raising campaign for this year.To donate you can click here.

To all those who have already contributed, I cannot express how thankful I am! All the support means a lot to me and helps me run those last few miles that are so difficult. THANK YOU!


  1. Anjali, you kept me going as well! I would have definitely become weary and bored half way into the run had it not been for your company and determination to keep going! Having Amol bike with us was such a godsend, just knowing that our moral and water/gatorade/gu/proteinbar support was right there made such a positive difference!

  2. This is so good. You're doing great Anjali! It's awesome that you've stayed focused all these months. :-)

  3. I can't even imagine running so far - I hate running! I feel so uncomfortable. So I am really, really impressed that you have done so much in a short time. You're almost there!


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